"I would not join any club that would have someone like me for a member." - Groucho Marx

It is indeed a healthy sign in the development of a young person when they are suddenly to be found in deep solitude, practicing the Forward Defence. It demonstrates they have taken the first step to a life of cleanliness and purity. As these people become older and their pursuit of knowledge of the game and life become more complex, many seek the calm shores of The Queen Street Cricket Club. However, there are members who still require guidance as to The Procedure.

This document sets out in Clear & Simple Terms, everything Current Members need to know before Approaching or Being Approached by Potential Members.

Receive this handsome, unframed "Certification of Membership Authentication" to hang proudly on your office or study wall absolutely free! It will cost you nothing and you will maintain membership for life, so long as you pay your fines ($5.00 per Test Innings Duck, by a New Zealand Test Player.)


''Being of sound mind and body, without vice, villainy, nor given to vagrancy, I promise at alI times to uphold the good and virtuous name of the Q.S.C.C. and make prompt payment of all fines and honour and obey all rules and regulations.''

The Applicant is thereby committed to the long term goal of providing a permanent and tangible resource for young persons, who might otherwise never had the chance, to learn something of the skills of cricket and of life.

By adding to the pain of failure at the crease by a New Zealand Batsman ''by means of a monetary fine; the Members of Queen Street Cricket Club has raised a large sum of money.

You do not have to be a Scorer to apply the mathematics required to understand the larger the numbers prepared to commit to the Solemn Oath of the Queen Street, the larger the increase of Financial Return.

It is therefore, important for Members to be able to present with confidence 'Procedures for Application'' whenever required.

A Q.S.C.C. Membership is deemed to be held of the highest esteem and a true reflection of the standing of a man. The Constitution states that, by solemn Oath in Document No: REQ356-932: ''Application for Membership''

To apply, click here to download the "Application for Membership Form".

NOTE:  Application to Join the Queen Street Cricket Club needs to be made to: 
The Chairman, Membership Application Selection Committee, P.O. Box 105-890, Auckland 1143, New Zealand or email applications to The Chairman; info@qscc.org.nz