The Peter Hooton Memorial Scholarship

Peter Hooton was passionate about cricket.

And Peter was passionate about the Queen Street Cricket Club. 

Peter was an accountant by profession and at the time of his death in January 2003, he was the Treasurer of the Q.S.C.C. He had a natural, frugal instinct that made him strongly resistant to any suggestion of freely, frivolously, throwing money away. 

However, when it came time for the Q.S.C.C. committee to decide who was to benefit from our fundraising efforts, Peter would shed a tear. 

Peter loved to think that disadvantaged children were to find some joy and happiness. 

So, it seemed only appropriate and fitting, that in his honour, we should do something that would carry his name and remember the pleasure that our cricketing fundraising gave to him. In recognition of the contribution made by Peter Hooton, a scholarship in his name has been established to assist schools and school children in pursuit of their cricket goals and objectives.

Scope of Scholarship

  • Up to two scholarships will be awarded annually to students in lower decile schools (decile 4 and below).

  • The funding will be to provide cricket gear and one on one coaching for the student to the value of up to $2,000.

  • The committee may also at it's discretion grant up to $3,000 to be used for cricket equipment and or facilities for the school.


  • The student nominated must be playing for their school's first eleven and is expected to continue playing cricket after leaving school.

  • The one-on-one coaching may be arranged by the school or through the local cricket association but must be with a recognised coach of at least Level 2 standard.

  • The funding for equipment and facilities should benefit all students of the school who are involved in cricket.

  • Funding for both the student and school will be available up to one year after the award is notified

  • The School is to account to the Q.S.C.C. for ensuring Grants are specific in accordance with the application made. 


The format of the application and any relevant material will be at the discretion of the school but must include;

  • Information relating to the school, including decile rating, with contact name and details.

  • Details and resume of student applying for funding including how the Scholarship will be utilised to the benefit of the student.

  • Outline of how the funding for the School will be expended.

  • Other information that may be useful to the QSCC in determining the successful applicants.

NOTE:  Scholarship applications need to be made to: 
The Chairman, QSCC Peter Hooton Memorial Scholarship
, P.O. Box 105-890, Auckland 1143, New Zealand or email applications to The Chairman;