The Queen Street Cricket Club is a gathering of Cricketing ECCENTRICS, LADIES, GENTLEMEN & PLAYERS who provide a MENTOR and GUIDE in all matters relating to cricket, with notes on PROPER SPORTING BEHAVIOUR, the whole being an AUTHORISED DIGEST of Legislation expressed in simple Lessons and Strict REGULATIONS, and gather to do GOOD WORKS in the ESTEEMED NAME of CRICKET.

Principally, whenever a New Zealand Test Player fails to record a run, each MEMBER is fined the princely sum of FIVE TAX DEDUCTABLE DOLLARS.The objective is for these FUNDS to be used to assist Disadvantaged Children of New Zealand.

Even as unspeakably tragic and heart-rendering though it may be to lose a player in a TEST MATCH for a DUCK, it gives pleasure to know when it does happen, a child, somewhere, will have their spirits lifted.

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Charity Registry Number : CC34066


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